Berlin has to be one of the top tourist destinations in the whole of Europe. A genuinely urban metropolis, Berlin appears to many visitors to be an ideal city – cheap, efficient public transport, quality food from a range of cuisines, and a world-class bar and clubbing scene. Many young creatives from around the world have emigrated to Berlin and it’s easy to see why, with the city’s liberal attitudes, relatively low cost of living, and adaptivity to new influences. The city is home to many amazing museums, some of which chart Berlin’s fascinating history through Naziism, division into East and West Berlin in the aftermath of the second world war, and eventual unification.

Berlin does not try to hide the darker side of its history. The seat of power for the Third Reich, much of the architecture of Naziism still survives to this day, and many memorials throughout the city serve as stark reminders to the scarcely believable loss of life in this period, particularly impacting the Jewish community. Finding good tours of Berlin that account for all of this complex history whilst also managing to be entertaining is a challenge. Have a look at our guide for the best tours of Berlin to find out more information, and help you make a decision.

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